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Traditional High School Diploma (9-12) Program
High School offers block scheduling for our full time and part time students, which means that a high school diploma is completed in a shorter amount of time. In most cases students finish high school in just 24 months 

We serve students throughout the country and the world with a private high school education. It is a unique school that provides a flexible setting, structure and calendar through online learning. This flexibility means you can also take online make-up courses or summer school online to supplement your report card. 

This application is intended to help us get to know you. Please complete this application fully and honestly so that, when you begin classes, we can be sure to meet your needs. We enroll students above the age of 13, who can read write and speak English fluently. All courses are provided in English.

High School Diploma: Graduation Requirements
Graduation requires successful completion of either a minimum of 18 academic credits in grades 9 through 12. The 24 credits are distributed as follows:

04 credits in Mathematics
4.0 credits in Language Arts
4.0 credits in Mathematics
4.0 credits in Science
5.5 credits in Social Science
1.5 credits in Physical Education
1.0 credits in Fine Arts
4.0 credits in Elective

Individual Course Program (Credit Recovery)
There are several reasons why students may fail a class resulting in them falling behind. Falling short of the required number of credits due to excessive absence, inability to keep pace with the rest of the class, problems at home and learning disabilities are only a few of the reasons that prevent students from graduating. However, with Credit Recovery courses, students can now make good on their credit score by enrolling for extra classes.

Individual Course Program (Credit Recovery) is designed to include different strategies that can be customized to suit each studentís individual needs. Since no two students have the same capabilities, they are focused on tailoring course material to maximize learning and improve retention. The most familiar form of delivering Credit Recovery programs is via summer school programs. Traditionally, students could take Credit Recovery courses during regular school hours, after school, during vacation breaks or during the summer.

But with online schools offering Individual Course (Credit Recovery) programs, students now have many more options to make good on their credit score. Online platforms that help students work with a variety of learning styles, creativity, and communication skills.

Meridian High School accepts international students seeking to achieve a U.S. High School Education. The school also provides authentication of diploma from U.S State Department, required for foreign use. For details, please contact Admissions Office. ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ARE ADVISED TO GET THEIR DIPLOMA AUTHENTICATED.


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